About Roger Lundberg

Growing up on a Michigan dairy farm Roger Lundberg learned his hard work ethic and to respect others.  Roger is an independent thinker, who seeks out a variety of inputs and perspectives, listens to many,...
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Why Roger is Running

Election integrityFormer Township Clerk Sue Hildebrand established a long tradition of honesty, integrity and accountability in the clerk’s office.  As our next clerk, Roger Lundberg would like to continue and build on that tradition.  Roger...
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Roger Lundberg is honored to have the support of many of our neighbors and community leaders. However, the most important endorsement is your endorsement and vote on election day. We hope you will join us...
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It’s Time for a Change

  • Property taxes have increased 25% since 2010
  • Elected official’s salaries have increased 25% since 2010
  • In 2017, the current Trustees added, with no voter input, a 1% Administrative Fee to collect our tax bills, which has resulted in a nearly a $1 million a year tax increase.
  • In the midst of the current corona-virus pandemic, while many homeowners are struggling with the economic impacts of the Stay at Home orders, the current Trustees voted to put a 7% property tax increase on the August primary ballot.

That Change is Roger Lundberg

  • Roger Lundberg is a fiscal conservative that will fight to keep taxes low, to find efficiencies including the expanded tax base from recent developments to offset any cost increases.
  • Roger Lundberg will fight to hold Township government spending to a minimum while delivering current level of services.
  • Roger Lundberg will fight to eliminate the 1% Administrative Fee.
  • Roger Lundberg will fight to keep salary structures in line with private sector standards.